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Best Practice and Guiding Principles Report

This output consists of an analysis of the current stage of the entrepreneurial education in HEIs and non-business curricula fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Business plan toolkit

ICT-based toolkit to assist non-business Academics and students generate and fine-tune their business ideas by providing them with guidance in designing their final business plan and a clear, engaging and interactive approach.

ENTRANCE Entrepreneurial Training Programme and Case Videos

The aim of this IO is to use the main IO1 findings and co-create ENTRANCE Entrepreneurial Training materials, develop OERs and case videos for non-business academics and their students.

Pilot testing the MOOC

The aim of this IO is to pilot-test the developed OERs and MOOC. The pilot testing of the MOOC will be delivered in blended learning, combining a 3-day residential workshop.


Finalisation of the MOOC and development of the Pedagogical Guide

This output consists of the collection of feedback from the pilot participants and the revision of the training materials. In parallel, a Pedagogical Guidebook will be developed containing the guidelines and practices to be used by non-business academics as a reference report on how to guide the distance learning of their students using the developed MOOC.