Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Of Non-Business Academics In Europe

ID: 2020-1-CY01-KA203-065982


The development of a training program that enhances the entrepreneurial mindset and pertinent skills of non-business academics. Pertinent pedagogical approaches will be provided, which will cultivate students’ entrepreneurial drive; real-life examples that corresponds to successful entrepreneurs will also be provided.

skills mismatch

Reduce the mismatch of skills, between Higher Education and the labor market’s current demands.


Create a more flexible approach to non-business Academics.

pedagogical methods

Equip non-business academics with pedagogical methods, which will cultivate students' entrepreneurial mindset by being learning moderators.


The creation of a massive network non-business academics, and graduates, who are capable of turning their ideas into start-ups or spin-offs.

Encourage HEIs

Encourage HEIs to integrate entrepreneurship in non-business sectors.

Encourage Students

Encourage students to think creatively; take initiatives; and, develop transversal competences.

economic growth

Increase economic growth and competitiveness in Europe.

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